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Liz Card
Registered Massage Therapist, Specializing in Sports Massage


315 W. South Boulder Rd.
Suite 209
Louisville, CO 80027

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Liz Card's massage
is strictly professional.



Enhance Your Game, Enhance Your Life!
Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage and Sports/Orthopedic Massage
for Athletes, Sports Enthusiasts, and Anyone Wanting to Enhance Their Mobility and Reduce Muscular Tension
Improve Your Performance With Massage

Whether you are a cyclist, swimmer, climber, volleyball player or just someone looking to increase your flexibility and/or release muscular tension, I am here to help enhance your game which in turn enhances your quality of life! Deep tissue massage is a bodywork technique specifically geared towards those who have such ailments as: Patellofemoral pain syndrome, ankle sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, pec minor compression site or even a general feeling of numbness in your fingers. This specific type of massage is also good for enhancing athletic performance and/or maintaining healthy tissues of the body in order to continue physical activity without chronic pain or build up of toxins which can hinder your athleticism. Also, if you're hoping to reduce swelling as well as reduce muscle cramping, then look no further because these Sports/Orthopedic techniques can help all of that!

Conveniently located in Louisville, Colorado

Our office is located just outside of downtown Louisville and shares the border of Lafayette, just north of the King Soopers off of South Boulder Rd. From South Boulder Rd and 95th (HWY 42), go north on 95th until you get to Hecla Dr. and take a right - going east. Take your second left into the parking lot which will lead you to Soma Healing Massage at A Healing Place, 1371 Hecla Dr. Suite E!


What People Are Saying About Liz's Deep Tissue Massage
“Thank you Liz, for the fantastic sports massage! After a long bike ride had messed up my back, you made it feel great again. Thanks!” — John

“To begin with, I have been going to Liz for approximately 9 months and have been getting massages in general for about 4 years now. I have gone to several massage therapists as well as chiropractors and have never come across anyone that can take care of my issues as well as Liz has. On top of her abilities as an excellent massage therapist, she is also very personable and easy to talk to. She makes you feel like she really cares about you and your pain. She always checks with you as she starts her therapy to make sure that what she is doing does not hurt. She is incredibly aware of where your pain is, even if you are not. I recommend this young lady to anyone and everyone. She is the best of the best and I do not say this lightly.” — Bob








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